I want to begin by expressing that we at ChurchTalk, wish each of you well during this time of isolation, distress, and fear of the unknown. I know that many of our lives around the world instantly changed because of the effects of COVID-19. As believers, we know that God is fully aware of what is happening – may each of us take this time and opportunity to draw nearer to Him and know Him on a much deeper level. God is good all the time.

Unfortunately, separation has been vital in the containment of COVID-19. Because of this need for separation, we have adopted a new buzz word in society: social-distancing. Many churches are now experiencing SOCIAL-DISTANCING at a time when we need GATHERING the most – to receive Truth, Hope, Edification, and Love from God’s Word and fellow believers. Because most of us have never seen such drastic measures, we are uncertain how long the executive order will remain in effect to contain this novel virus.

Therefore, during challenging times like these, the body of Christ needs to be more closely connected. Much prayer and encouragement is essential – not only on Sundays but every day in between. May I introduce a helpful and easy-to-navigate solution: ChurchTalk. We are NOT FaceBook. We are a platform for your local church to engage not only in times of normalcy but during social-distancing, persecution, and other unforeseen events. Our prayer is that ChurchTalk will prove to be a hope-filled tool for your church family.

Why should your church subscribe to ChurchTalk?
The ChurchTalk team helps to connect pastors and their staff with church members; it is a safe and closed platform to interact during this uncertain and chaotic time. ChurchTalk will provide your local church with the ability to stay informed, have needs communicated via the prayer module, and receive live responses from your local church members. You will be able to post devotionals and video messages (targeting ONLY your church audience). Your congregation may also continue to give their tithes and offerings, and maintain a record of their giving through the ChurchTalk module. In addition to interacting with your people, our software includes a unique automapping outreach module that will create maps, within minutes, for your doorknocking and outreach programs.

ENGAGE – This is the heart of our vision. We have built a tool to ENGAGE members within their local church bodies ONLY. While there are other options of church management systems, we have not found a “ONE STOP SHOPPING” private, content filtering tool/platform to help individual churches keep their members engaged outside of regular Sunday and Wednesday services. Oftentimes, social platforms like FaceBook and Instagram are open to the general public and do not offer the ATTENTION and PRIVACY that the local congregation often needs in terms of interactive prayer groups, sign up sheets for events and activities, memos and bulletins, and communication with missionaries. Thus began our journey to build ChurchTalk. Please continue reading to learn more about a few of our specific features…

ENGAGING Features:
1. ChurchTalk – An ENGAGING tool for a called-out assembly: Social media is not the answer to church engagement. We live in a world in which everyone wants to voice his or her opinion. Social media news feeds flood our pages with ads, entertainment, and visually captivating images. Judges 21:25b says, “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” In the middle of all these non-essentials, we are trying very hard to share our church news and engage with our members. While social media is undoubtedly great for reaching the lost, we firmly believe it is not the best place to feed and engage a Christian. We need a closed online community for local churches, where the news feed is protected. Jesus told Peter three times to “feed my sheep”. ChurchTalk is a tool for every pastor to edify his congregation. We have also created a news feed called The Bulletin. Only the local church staff or authorized personnel is permitted to post news, updates, prayers, and much more. The congregation may, in turn, respond with prayer or praise reactions and comments; engage in realtime, and encourage those in need. Our platform will also upload/host media on the bulletin or share your streaming links.

2. ChurchTalk – An ENGAGING tool for prayer: When a local Church prays together, great things happen! Currently, a vast majority of churches print out a prayer list each week in the form of paper bulletins; members then carry them to their homes. Some sincerely pray, but most bulletins are set aside or thrown into trash bins and forgotten. Two words strike me in Matthew 26:41: Jesus says, “Watch and Pray,” to avoid entering into the temptation. We must engage in daily prayer for fellow brothers and sisters in our congregations. ChurchTalk allows your members to share their prayer requests throughout the week. When you receive them, you may request more information from the sender or post it directly to the prayer module (if you find it appropriate). At this time, for most local churches, the luxury of having someone at the church office to receive prayer requests is non-existent. ChurchTalk’s vision is to remove this barrier and make your members feel cared for and stay connected with the body of Christ. We have built a “Prayer Journal Module” for your members to record personal prayer lists and a church prayer list as a daily reminder to pray.

3. ChurchTalk – An ENGAGING tool for giving: ChurchTalk giving is a convenient way to engage members to be faithful in their giving. Online giving has seen a massive surge in recent years, and our research has found that people prefer to give online and use debit/credit cards to give and maintain their records. Technology has made it possible even to give while traveling or during circumstances like COVID-19.

4. ChurchTalk – An ENGAGING tool for the Great Commission: ChurchTalk outreach is designed to engage your members to reach your local community. Jesus’ Last Command, should be Our First Priority. We need to be knocking on doors and sharing the Gospel – the time is short. We have technology that can help us to do more than ever. We have built auto mapping to generate hundreds of street lists in minutes (to reach your Jerusalem). I encourage you to explore this smart feature during this downtime of social-distancing and begin envisioning your outreach vision and masterplan. What an open door and opportunity God has given; much fruit can come out of COVID-19.

5. ChurchTalk – An ENGAGING tool for Membership Management: One of our key taglines is, “Manage less, Engage more.” When your members fill out their information on ChurchTalk, they complete their profile. This allows you to share profile details and keep everyone updated. We are working around the clock to add more features; we realize that there is much to be done as we are refining the membership management system. We will keep you informed.

History and Future Vision of ChurchTalk:
After years of having the vision to build a church management software system and not having an investment, God knew that I needed a reliable and godly team to begin this journey. In 2018, God brought John Gaynor (a very successful Christian Entrepreneur) and myself, Bernard Moses, (Developer/Entrepreneur) together, with the help of Dr. Bruce Turner (Former Pastor/ Currently serving in Evangelism). It was during this initial meeting in India when God began to open doors to lay the foundation to start developing ChurchTalk. We came together with a desire and passion for building a digital tool that would protect local churches. It amazes me to see how God brought this team together from different corners of the world, with different experiences, to solve a common problem that local churches are facing in this era.

We are striving together to build ChurchTalk; we are here to serve the Lord and the local church. We are deeply grateful for all the churches who have adopted ChurchTalk and are giving fabulous positive feedback. Please consider downloading ChurchTalk during this time as an edifying platform to simulate church services and stay engaged with your flock. Again, we pray that God will keep each of you safe and well.

Please contact us (support@churchtalk.io) with any questions or need for tech support.

Written by:
Bernard Moses
CEO & Founder