A church isn’t a machine; it’s a body, and the body goes through many changes. Therefore, growth strategies while growing a church must also change according to the seasons and the status of the church. Significant church growth happens when everyone is aware of the vision and mission, when everyone feels accepted and when people are led and equipped to walk according to their God-given calling. Great church growth principles are core practices that must be consistently worked on in order to achieve expansion.

Communicate Vision, Values, and Disciplines 

The church must define its own mission, vision, and values. If the congregation can clearly see the vision of the church and embrace its core values, then they will run with it. Vision and values influence church culture, and it’s the church culture that we develop within our congregations that help people want to continue to attend. Establish and emphasize the small disciplines that are important within the church culture, such as Bible reading and prayer. This sets the tone and pace of what is expected, and it gets everyone on the same page, moving toward the same goal. Most importantly, communicate the visions and values with clarity because while vision gives the church a direction, values determine what you do, why you do it, and how you do it.  

Atmosphere of Acceptance

Focus on the atmosphere. What do people feel when they come to church? Is it a welcoming environment? Are people seen as individual members or merely a number? It’s essential to evangelize before you disciple, meaning that we must accept all people who come through the doors of our church as we lovingly introduce them to Jesus. Building a church that is welcoming to everyone does not mean that it is approving of everything. Jesus doesn’t condone nor approve of everything people do, but he accepts everyone where they are in life, and however, they come to His mighty presence. Remember this church growth principle: Jesus meets people where they are, and we, too, must do the same.

Who Is Your Audience?

Define your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? Define if it’s youth, families or couples, etc. Narrowing down who your target audience will be will help you determine what kinds of activities and events will be hosted. For instance, if your audience is youth, then all events and advertising campaigns must be attractive enough for adolescents to want to attend. You’re not going to be hosting marriage conferences and marriage events when you’re trying to attract adolescents and young adults. If you’re going to witness church growth, you must know who you’re catering to and what their needs are.

Equip Members for Ministry

Ministry is not a one-person show. For ministry to function well, it takes the whole body of Christ to grow and thrive, and this is an essential church growth principle to keep in mind. Everyone must become equipped to lead others with skills, abilities, strategies, and passion for the gospel to expand. In doing so, the mission of leading people to Jesus will spread like wildfire. To equip ministry members means to build disciples and build your people. Teach them the do’s and don’ts in leadership and how to become problem solvers.

Leaders lead other leaders by example by demonstrating consistency in character, eliminating all negative habits such as criticism, gossip, unkind speech, and manipulative tactics to want to try and get people to do things. Be Christlike and teach your leaders to lead like Christ develop models and set parameter checks to have them conduct self-checks continuously.

But most importantly, help your people discover their gifts and talents so that you may lead them to walk in their calling and serve in a ministry that is aligned to their gifts and talents. People thrive when they do what they’ve been called to do. So, to experience church growth, you must empower your people and delegate authority, and you’ll accomplish more as a body and congregation.

Advertise the Good News

Package the good news of God well and be excited about it. Think about it, leading others to Jesus means to lead people to all kinds of freedom. Freedom from depression, from lies, from bad habits, self-destructive behaviors, and addictions. We have the news of salvation, the perfect wisdom, and the most amazing promises of God for our lives, yet often, we don’t present this package with the excitement and passion that it deserves. Transmit your love for the gospel, for passion, is contagious. Inspire others through testimony about the good news of salvation in Jesus. Activate the church growth principle of testifying passionately. Share the good news of the gospel and get people excited about their transformation and faith journeys knowing that they are not alone, that they are accepted and have a God-given purpose.

How The ChurchTalk App Can Help

Above all, do not forget the importance of prayer. Uphold your mission and vision in prayer and accept His plan and purpose for your Church. If it is God’s will for your church to grow and flourish, then nothing can come between that.

At ChurchTalk we’re all about harnessing the power of technology using Biblical principles to equip local churches around the world. The ChurchTalk app is a Church Engagement Platform to enable Growth, Equipment, Action, and Revival amongst members. You can use the app to engage with your existing members every day of the week and encourage them to reach out to others in the neighborhood. Use ChurchTalk as a technology platform that enables you to grow quickly and sustainably.