About Us

ChurchTalk is an app with a vision for equipping the local churches and their people around the world. It is a ground-breaking digital platform that simplifies Church communications, makes online giving smarter, streamlines outreach management, connects and engages the local Church community and helps keep track of prayer requests and personal Bible study effortlessly.

Our Story

ChurchTalk was initially born out of the need for developing an application that would help the local Churches organize their outreach programs on the go. Later in the journey, research revealed that almost all of the local Churches were using different platforms of Church Management Software (CHMS) to manage their daily operations.

We listened to pastors and Christian leaders around the world and developed an application that is now a one-stop-shop platform for all the administrative and communication needs of a Church.

One of the unique features built into ChurchTalk is for the local Churches to engage with their Congregation at a personal level and build a healthy local Church family. After all, this is one of the primary responsibilities of a local Church!

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

To transform the local Church with a technology-driven platform built especially for Christ-centered Churches across the globe.

Our Vision

To help and enable every Christian to Grow, Equip, Act and be Revived in their walk with the Lord.

At Churchtalk…

The ChurchTalk team strongly believes that every aspect of your Church ministry needs to have a seamless way to bond your local Church. Therefore, this idea was brought into reality by one man with the help of a fantastic co-founder & investor, and a group of highly talented team of developers.

Our Team

God had a plan and He brought us all together.

John Gaynor

Co-Founder, Investor & Chairman

Bernard Moses

Co-Founder & CEO

Titus Moses


Johnathan Illsley


Advisory Board

God had a plan and He brought us all together.

Dr. Bruce Turner

Evangelist, Chairman

Dr. Terry L. Randolph

Pastor Emeritus, Cornerstone Baptist Church

Pastor Joel Creekmore

Bellevue Baptist Church